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Selecting the Right Institutions

Banks vs. Credit Unions

Red Capital makes it simple to incorporate products from both banks and credit unions into your portfolio! While both are safeguarded by federal deposit insurance and share numerous similarities, there are still notable features that set them apart.

Save with Purpose

In our savings marketplace, you have the flexibility to filter our partner institutions using a range of attributes, enabling you to save in accordance with your personal values and the institutions that resonate with them.

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Red Capital is here to assist you in initiating your savings journey! Whether you're deciding on the institutions to open accounts with or determining the right products for your needs, we provide all the information you require.

A single Red Capital login empowers you to establish accounts with any of our affiliated banks or credit unions. Through a widespread network of federally insured partner institutions offering various savings products, our platform offers a plethora of choices to support you in realizing your financial objectives. Keep reading to access all the information necessary to craft your optimal savings strategy.

Selecting the right savings products

Our affiliated banks and credit unions present a diverse array of high-yield savings products, granting you exceptional access to tailor a personalized savings strategy that aligns with your specific requirements. Simplifying the process for you, we enable easy comparison of crucial details such as interest rates and term length. These are the categories of savings products available on the Red Capital platform.



Benefit from above-average returns and enhanced liquidity through variable interest rates.


High-yield CDs

Secure a fixed interest rate for a specific duration, ensuring a guaranteed return on your investment.


No penalty CDs

Opt for a locked-in rate with the flexibility of a no-fee early withdrawal option.


Getting the most out of RED CAPITAL


Looking to maximize your deposit insurance benefits?

You can diversify your savings across as many of our institutions as necessary — each one is federally insured, providing coverage of up to $250,000 per depositor, per institution.

Interested in securing rates for predictable returns?

Utilize the diverse array of products on the Red Capital platform to effortlessly implement a CD laddering strategy. This approach spreads your savings across terms of different lengths, ensuring a continuous stream of funds nearing maturity.

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Seeking to save with an institution that resonates with your values?

Numerous partner banks and credit unions in our network have core missions that provide a positive feel about the destination of your additional funds.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Commencing your journey with Red Capital is straightforward, and the best part is, there are no fees! We're dedicated to assisting you in maximizing your savings experience and offer a variety of resources to enhance your understanding of Backedgold. Explore the information below for guidance on the fundamental steps, from registering for an account to shaping the most effective savings strategy.

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How Red Capital works

Discover the inner workings of Red Capital and understand the flow of funds through our platform.

Education center

Enhance your knowledge with savings tips and guides on maximizing the benefits of Red Capital.

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How to register

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn precisely how to open a Red Capital account.

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