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Leading Edge Deposit Sweep Solutions

With Red Capital SweepSM, brokerage firms, fintechs, and wealth management advisors can revolutionize client investments, offering unparalleled benefits: access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance through a dynamic multibank deposit sweep product.

With millions of users, this service facilitates financial institutions in attracting and allocating hundreds of billions of dollars to banks. Red Capital Sweep stands out for its patented technology, providing a comprehensive, top-tier solution.

Leading Edge Deposit Sweep Solutions

Brokerage Firms & Wealth Management Advisors

Boost profitability with scalable solutions while controlling service margins. Tailored tier rates serve diverse client segments. Brokerage firms and advisors can opt for Red Capital Sweep to fund affiliated banks when needed.

Empowering Fintech Innovations

Leverage Red Capital Sweep to expand operations without constraints imposed by partner institution size. With this solution, fintech companies can provide customers with both safety and daily liquidity, fostering trust and growth.

Providing Security for Discerning Investors

Experience the reassurance of daily liquidity and the trusted protection of your cash deposits at FDIC-insured Red Capital network banks, offered by the financial firm you rely on and trust.

Streamlining Funding Strategies for Banks

Access sizable funding blocks recorded as deposits, eliminating the need for collateralization or reliance on borrowings, with Red Capital Sweep.


Customized approach, streamlined implementation, and ongoing support

The Red Capital team works closely with your firm to create a customized multibank program, sized to meet your firm’s needs with the ability to expand over time. Implementation is streamlined and efficient. Your firm has ongoing access to a dedicated Red Capital support team — a team known for its technological expertise and high-touch customer service.
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