Red Capital Partners

Returns, Empowerment, Diversity

We believe in generating outstanding financial returns by empowering diversity.

RED has a balanced team of women and men working together at the investment team, investment committee and advisory board levels. We actively seek diversity in our portfolio founders and leadership teams. The type of companies we are helping build and scale contribute towards equality of gender, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, disabilities and national origins.

Women-led and co-led companies remain underfunded and overlooked, representing an untapped market opportunity with virtually no competition for RED. Backing gender-balanced companies is a solid investment strategy because female-led and co-led companies perform better and have lower failure rates than the average startup.

RED has female investment professionals at the most senior positions. The goal of our activities is to promote the paradigm shift in the male-dominated world of technology startups, change the venture capital industry to become more gender inclusive and make female-led innovation flourish.

The Team

Multidisciplinary, international and diverse team with 60+ years of VC experience.

Investment Strategy

RED Capital Partners is the first venture capital firm investing in the most promising female-founded or co-founded companies of Europe and Israel.